Example of a badly prepared will

Quote from a Badly Prepared “Islamic” Will!

Many so-called Islamic Wills claim to distribute your wealth according to the rules of Islamic Law. Sadly, the majority of them do little more than give each boy twice the share of a girl, without considering the mother or the father of the deceased, not to mention other major omissions. Therefore most unfortunately they do not adhere to both the Laws of Allah or Australian Laws as they claim.

Consider this scenario:

Adam makes his so-called “Islamic Will” with his local solicitor. Two years later his wife gives birth to a baby boy. Being wise, Adam leaves the hospital on his way to his solicitor’s office to change his Will but dies in a car accident on the way. His wife is protected but his new baby boy may not be legally entitled to a share under his so-called “Islamic Will”.

With the this Islamic Will, this situation and other similar situations can be avoided ensuring that all heirs will receive their prescribed entitlements.

You could buy the do-it-yourself Will but it won’t be Islamic and when your circumstances change your heirs will not receive their rightful shares. All of this may seem unnecessary and complex but if you die without a valid Islamic Will how will you face your Lord?

This Islamic Will also provides for a no fuss approach to administering the Will after probate is granted by making the process user friendly and not over burdening the executor with receipts to the Court.

DO NOT LEAVE YOUR AFFAIRS TO CHANCE. To be assured that your body is treated with respect, your family is taken care of after your death and your wealth is divided according to the Laws of Allah call us and speak to our Shariah Qualified Solicitor who will advise you about your legal rights in Shariah and Austalian Law.