Protect your Body

Protect your body

Making anIslamic Will means your body will be respected according to the Law of Allah.

Even after death, our bodies are prized possessions. In Australia your body, after death, becomes property. If you have a valid Will your executor decides what happens to your body. .

By having an Islamic Will you can make sure your body is treated in a respectful way in complete accordance with the Shariah and the Sunnah.

Importantly, this Islamic Will allows you to ensure that your burial rites are conducted in an Islamic manner.

This Islamic Will includes directions for:

– Washing after death,
– Shrouding the body,
– And proper burial.

All completed according to Shariah Law and the Sunnah.

This is especially important for “reverts” to Islam because without a valid Islamic Will your next of kin decide how to dispose of your body. This may mean a non-Islamic burial or even worse cremation. This Islamic Will allows you to make complete directions to your executor so your body is treated in an Islamic manner.

No one would want their body desecrated by an autopsy.

This Islamic Will provides directions for the prevention of an autopsy or organ donation. The contents of one’s Will are weighty arguements in the prevention of autopsies. Without a valid Islamic Will you are taking chances that are too important to risk.