What happens if you die without a valid Islamic Will?

What happens if you die without a will

The disadvantages of dying without a Will include:-

BREAKING ALLAH’S LAW: Your property will NOT be divided according to the rules of Islamic Law.

BODY MAY BE DAMAGED: An autopsy may be carried out on your body causing you and your family pain, suffering and delay in burial.

CHILDREN PLACED IN HARDSHIP: Your children may not receive the emotional, financial or other assistance they desperately need.

DELAY FOR YOUR FAMILY: Intestacy (dieing without a Will) proceedures can take a long time to finalise. In the meantime, your loved ones have to wait a long time to get their shares and will undergo financial and emotional hardship.

COSTS INCREASED: The listing and appraisal of assets can be a long process and may involve a lot of unnecessary expenses.

COMPLEX LEGAL BATTLES: Potential claims to your estate will delay distribution and may even use up all your assets in legal fees.

CHILDREN DETRIMENTED: If you leave minor children the court may appoint a non-Muslim as a guardian of your children.

WEALTH WASTED: Your wealth may go to state and non-Islamic institutions.

RIGHTS LOST: You can’t leave contributions to a Musjid or charity. State laws do not consider religious and charitable institutions as heirs.

This Islamic Will protects you and your loved ones from all of these situations and gives you the power to decide what happens with your hard earned assets.

Be in control. Don’t leave your affairs or your family’s affairs to chance.